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The Eclectic Book Review of Captured – A Novella by Elizabeth Bolling

Captured by Elizabeth BollingCaptured is Elizabeth Bolling’s debut novel, and as such I feel that it is well above average.  The author shows promise and I commend her for attempting to combine the two genres of suspense and romance into a single novella, let alone her first one.  That is certainly not an easy thing to do.  Her description and world building really help to give the story shape and substance.  I do feel that this book could use some additional work on characterization in order to give the characters more depth and personality.  I also feel that it could use some additional plot development in order to increase the dramatic tension.  However, overall I think that Captured by Elizabeth Bolling is above average for a first novel and I would recommend it to any mature audience.

Description, Characterization & World-Building Rating: 4/5

The author is very descriptive in her writing which helps the reader to visualize the story as it unfolds on the pages.  The world building skills she employs are well above average for new authors.  However I feel that her characterization could use work.  The characters were mostly interesting and believable, but some seemed to lack the depth and personality that truly make them stand out as unique.

Plot & Narration Rating: 3.5/5

Overall this is written to be a suspenseful romance and the plot propels the story along rather nicely, with all of the necessary elements to complete the story.  However I found it to be rather straightforward and predictable, lacking the increasing levels of dramatic tension and literary devices that lend themselves to that end.   Aside from that there were a few occurrences where the timeline of the story felt strange or awkward.  The narration was well done and easy to read with only a few instances of spelling or grammar mistakes, which could be easily corrected with additional editing.

Value Rating: 4/5

The current Amazon list price is $2.99 for the Kindle version of this book which is a fair value.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

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