Freelance Writing

I am a professional freelance writer with over five years experience writing an assortment of materials on a wide range of topics.  I primarily specialize in search engine optimized website and blog content.  I am also an experienced resume and cover letter writer and have written an assortment of business documents including newsletters, sales & marketing materials, training materials, and much more.

I have written website and blog content on a number of topics and industries including: artificial grass, business, careers/job search, books (fiction and non-fiction), gardening, graphic design, insurance, law, movies, moving & storage, personal finance, pets, social media marketing, search engine optimization, shipping/sea freight, stocks & the stock market, surveying, technology, transcription services, translation services, and travel.

On this page you will find links to some of the blogs I have contributed to in addition to publicly displayed articles for you to read and pre-written articles available for purchase.

I like learning and writing about new subjects as well as working with new clients and industries.  If you know someone who is in need of freelance writing services I would greatly appreciate your taking the time to direct them to this page, or filling out the contact form.

Thank you,

Brock M. Hunter

Contributory Blogs

Accrued Interest Financial Blog – January 2013 to Present.  Contributions are ghost-written.

Xeneta Marketing Intelligence for the Shipping Container Industry – January 2013 to Present.  Contributions are ghost-written.

NameTrips Travel Blog – September 2012 – November 2012.  Contributions contain my byline.

The Biased American Political and Current Events Blog – Owner/Contributor

Articles You Can Read

Addressing the Alarming Decline in Customer Service

This is an op-ed piece that explores the customer service industry from an insider’s perspective.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Fiction

This article discusses the depiction of fictional characters with either Autism or Asperger Syndrome.

Did the Perpetrator’s of the September 11th, 2001 Attacks on the US Accomplish Any Goals?

This is an op-ed piece theorizing about the September 11th hijackers and the effects of the attacks on the US and the world.

How to Obtain World Peace

This is an op-ed piece that evaluates possible ways of ending war and fostering harmony in the world.

How to Restore Your Youthful Energy

An informative how-to article discussing the causes of energy loss and how to combat it.

How to Store Vegetable Seeds

This is a short how-to article on storing extra purchased or home-culled fruit and vegetable seeds in a way that maintains their viability for future use.

Science Versus Religion

This is an op-ed piece that explores the relationship between science and religion.

Should the United States Pull Troops Out of Iraq and Surrounding Countries?

This is an op-ed piece written in 2007 that explores the ramifications of pulling out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at that time.

Pre-Written Articles You Can Purchase

I am in the process of building a collection of articles for sale on the website Constant Content.  This collection will grow and change over time as new ones are written and others are sold and no longer available.  To view my current list of available articles please click here.