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The Eclectic Book Review of How to Make Fast Easy Gold and Money in Diablo 3 Using the Auction House by Josh Abbott

As a former World of Warcraft player, this book caught my attention.  Any true MMO player knows the effect “gold farming” has on the game.  They also know they will never get rid of it.  Diablo 3 seems to have the answer.  During my time playing various MMO’s, I employed many of the same principles the author discusses in this book, and enjoyed similar successes.  The additional element of being able to make real money adds a new twist to the game.  I highly recommend this book to any and all serious MMO players.

Subject Matter Rating: 5/5

While MMO games have fantastic followings, it is a niche genre.  For those serious and die hard MMO players, this is a very popular subject.

Author’s Knowledge Rating: 5/5

The author appears to be well experienced in these practices, and offers very sound advice.

Formatting Rating: 5/5

This book is short, concise and easy to follow with minimal typographical, spelling or grammar issues.

Value Rating: 5/5

With a current Amazon list price of just $0.99, this is an outstanding value for any die hard MMO player.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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