I am a freelance writer and author who has been writing since the age of 12.  I decided to start this blog in order to provide my own personal insights into the books I read, especially those from new and lesser known authors.  As the site name suggests, I will be reviewing books from many different genres, both fiction and non-fiction alike.  In this blog you will find an analysis of each book with my opinions on how well the authors crafted their prose or conveyed their ideas and information to you the reader.  What you will not find are details about the stories or a recitation of the information provided by the authors.  For that, I must encourage you to purchase the books and read them for yourself.

Browse the links to the right to view individual reviews.  Each review is posted with links you can follow to purchase the book.  The purchase links and list prices are current as of the date of my review but they are subject to change at the authors discretion.  I do receive a small amount of compensation for each book purchased by following the links on this blog, as well as from some of the featured authors who have asked me to review their books, however this does not affect my opinions of the books I review here.  I will only post reviews to books that I would recommend to others.  I have turned down requests to review books in the past and I will continue to do so in the future if I cannot faithfully recommend a book to others.

I welcome comments if you would like to discuss my reviews or add your own comments about the books featured here.  Please add them to the appropriate review post.  If you find any broken links, or are aware of additional purchase options, please notify me.

If you would like me to review your book, link to your blog or website, or if you would like to post a guest review please fill out the contact form.

Thank you,

Brock M. Hunter


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  1. Great site. If you like, check out my blog as well at http://www.Spirituality-and-Religion.com , and if you review books in my genre and would like to “Guest Post” some, with a blurb about you and links to this site, by all means let me know.

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